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Regional Delivery & Logistics

Metro 1 Couriers in Action

Metro 1 Courier strives to deliver First Class Courier and Freight Service at the same time having fun at what we do. Shown below are a few photos of us in a typical day.

Marshall, (Operations Supervisor since 2008) with Larry (known as Larry the Delivery Guy)

Larry The Delivery Guy - Plano route courier since 2001

Odis - our senior employee and a USMC veteran(DFW dispatcher since 2000)

Jeff - Fort Worth route courier since 2006

Jim, since 2011

Jon ( Regional Manager since 2007)

Ed (2006), Phil (2008) & David (2007)

Alex Medina

Ron Jester

David Wheeler

Steve Sherman

Ron Haynes

Gabby Cabbellero

Jarred (DFW Branch MGR joined us in 2012)

Bryant Wilkerson

Chris, Addison route driver since 2001

Odis Dean, US Army veteran and senior employee since 2000 along with Jon Trammell, Regional Manager

John, Fort Worth route courier since 2001

Jon - Regional Manager 2007

Larry The Delivery Guy since 2001

Marshall, Dave & Miguel setting up Collin County route

Ed, US Army veteran and North Dallas route driver

Food Drive with North Texas Food Bank nets 1,100 lbs

Jon Trammell, John Pinner, Mark Courson & Mike Tavison

Karim, US Army veteran & Denton County hot shot courier since 2004

Chris loads his Addison route for delivery

Dee, Rockwall County route courier in 2007