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Mark & Lori worked together in the courier business for years until launching Metro 1 Courier in 1991 as a call demand service. They realized, however, that a distribution service offering a low cost, same day delivery would build a regional company that would grow through the decades. Metro 1 is now a Texas based regional Delivery & Logistics company serving Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas.


The Metro 1 culture is built on a passion for delivering expert consultation, exceptional customer service and unmatched flat rate pricing for our clients. Our team is committed to helping businesses increase their profits and market share.
Every member of the Metro 1 team is expected to uphold the core values of our organization, and rely on personal integrity to help build strong, trusted relationships with the clients we serve. Contact us for more information!


Metro 1 is passionate about people, problem solving and the quality service we offer our clients. Delivery is more than a product—it’s the final mile from our clients to their valuable clients. We provide the essential support our clients rely on when time counts.

As a regional courier company, we are one of the first calls a client makes in their moment of need, which is why our team must be exceptional at what they do. To find this talent, we look for dependable, friendly people who apply their knowledge of medical, payroll or parts delivery and use logical judgment to provide exceptional service for our operations.
While qualifications and responsibilities vary by position and location, we look for the following characteristics in prospective job candidates:
Analytical, logical and creative thinkers

  • Effective communicators – verbal and written
  • Self-starters
  • Helpful and cooperative with clients, contractors and co-workers
  • High performers

Applicants for employees or independent contractors are evaluated on their ability to provide exceptional customer service, experiences and backgrounds. Integrity and ethical behavior are also cornerstones of our company culture.


If you’re interested in an opportunity that offers a flexible, busy environment, consider applying to Metro 1.

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