Logistics Services

Our Logistics Solution:

Outsource your entire logistics department. Our logistics fleet outsourcing is a complete package of on site management services, professional, experienced couriers, route optimization, and real time GPS tracking systems dedicated to your logistical needs.

Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Medical Labs, Manufacturing, Payroll Distribution and Parts businesses can outsource and save time and money. Outsourcing takes away the need for expensive real estate to store inventory and vehicles. Logistics fleet outsourcing takes away the need to interview, hire, train and pay benefits to additional staff and management.

The efficiencies generated by outsourcing transportation have made it easier for companies to focus on their core business.

The Top 10 benefits to your company
1. Reduced total delivery costs.
2. Reduced fixed costs (i.e. vehicles, insurance, staffing)
3. Lowered overhead costs
4. Integrated systems with customers
5. Customer service improvements through shorter delivery times
6. Reduce your liability risks.
7. Cost benefits through volume shipping rates
8. Improved focus on your core competencies
9. Increased variety of technology and service
10. Increase your sales by expanding into less dense areas.


Industries we serve include

Real Estate, Legal, Retail, Financial, Title/Mortgage, Property Management, Payroll, CPA, Construction, Parts supply, HVAC, Manufacturers, Engineering/Architect, Home Builders, Plumbing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Government, Aerospace, Printers, Auto Parts, Office Supplies, Produce companies, Airlines.