Medical Delivery Services

We specialize in medical supply deliveries, providing accuracy in package handling and on-time arrivals.

Although medical deliveries can vary in nature, we know each one is critical and needs to be handled with care and confidentially. We understand that in some cases, you only have one chance to utilize a specimen for testing. Each of our couriers understands the importance of every specimen we are tasked to deliver. We understand the importance of specimen integrity, transporting them in the proper temperatures and receptacles. With the Real Time GPS tracking system , our clients can track the specimen all the way through the whole delivery chain process.

We’ve served the medical community from the beginning. Our drivers undergo specimen transportation training in protecting themselves, maintaining specimen integrity, and being HIPAA compliant to protect your information.

Blood | Vaccines | Specimens | Medicine | Pharmaceuticals | Medical Supplies | Medical Equipment | X-Rays | Lab Results | Lab Specimens | Dental Devices | Patient Records | Equipment

Stat Direct: drive with no stops along with way

Stat 2: 2 hours delivery from the time it’s available

Routine: 4 hours

Scheduled Routed: customized time frames according to customer specifications

Medical Courier Services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Industries we serve include

Real Estate, Legal, Retail, Financial, Title/Mortgage, Property Management, Payroll, CPA, Construction, Parts supply, HVAC, Manufacturers, Engineering/Architect, Home Builders, Plumbing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Government, Aerospace, Printers, Auto Parts, Office Supplies, Produce companies, Airlines